Condition Monitoring & Advanced Maintenance Techniques

Adams is focused on developing a portfolio of services comprising this suite of condition monitoring, available to the domestic industrial market and also aims to service the region through specific training modules for capacity building and competency development

The benefits of our Machine Diagnostic Services

  • We assess the condition of your pump and take any necessary measures to reduce the risk of downtime
  • We can plan maintenance more efficiently, so ensuring that your maintenance costs are manageable
  • We can prevent production downtime
  • We can achieve an optimum service life

We Support

  • Database setup.

  • Training.

  • Asset criticality assessment

  • Site condition monitoring surveys

  • Troubleshooting and general consultancy

  • Diagnostics to assess the condition of critical equipment.

  • Case-by-case diagnostics, for example for troubleshooting or end-of-warranty inspections.

  • Diagnostics before main equipment overhaul to define the scope, and after overhaul to evaluate the repair works

  • Diagnostics as part of a condition-based maintenance program.

Through our strategic partnerships, we are also able to offer thermal analysis and oil analysis services to customers who wish to employ a variety of predictive maintenance techniques

What We Offer

We ensure long-term reliability and safety of your equipment by detecting faults at an early stage and limiting the likelihood of future breakdowns and incidents through a complete package of advanced services:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Airborne Ultrasound
  • Integrated Predictive Maintenance Programs
  • Laser Alignment
  • On-site balancing

New Design.. More Efficiency

We analyze the response and stability of a rotor system by modeling the stiffness and mass of the rotor and its interaction with the bearings and seals. In order to increase turbomachinery life and reduce vibration, we could provide new designs and evaluate rotor stability. We offer condition monitoring and maintenance services on large rotating equipment tailored to your needs through:.

  • Vibration diagnostics.
  • Alignment tracking
  • Field (rotor) balancing.
  • Performance testing
  • Resonance frequency tests

Contract Base Predictive Maintenance

As an acknowledged leader in the field of rotating equipment, we are ideally positioned to undertake your maintenance needs. We deliver measurable benefits to your business in a number of ways:

  • Expert staff dedicated to maintaining your equipment
  • No impact on your head count
  • Infrastructure savings at your site through the use of our service center facilities.
  • Enhanced performance, efficiency, and reliability